Pilates Classes in Coventry

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Pilates Classes in Kenilworth

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Pilates Classes in Solihull

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FREE TASTER CLASS AT BENTLEY HEATH DURING NOVEMBER.  Your first class at Bentley Heath Community Centre will be a little taster class so that you can get a flavour of what is involved. It is absolutely free.  Come along and see if you like it – there’s no obligation to join.

All classes are suitable for a mixed ability group, from complete beginners to those working at an Intermediate level.  Each level builds upon the preceding level and you would progress at your own pace, choosing the level which feels right for you.

Classes cost £7.50 each, payable in advance by the term – usually 7 or 8 weeks. There is a 2 week holiday allowance within each full term booked, without charge (so long as the dates are pre-booked at the start of term).  I will have a booking form at your first class if you would like to sign up there and then, or you can have a few days to think about it.

You can join the class at any time during the term and just pay for the remaining weeks.  Full terms and conditions are set out in the enrolment form.

To enquire about available places, please contact me on 07794 439224. or email 

I provide all the equipment and the mats.  You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothes and bring a drink if you would like to.  You will not need shoes as we exercise in socks.  For hygiene and safety I would recommend that you purchase a pair of ‘sticky socks’ which will give you a good grip on the mat.  You can purchase them here.

Pilates Classes in Coventry, Kenilworth and Solihull