A little bit about me

I’ve always been passionate about health, exercise, nutrition and fitness.  I find the human body and mind absolutely fascinating and have always enjoyed learning as much as I can about human potential.

I enjoy most forms of physical training and over the years, I thought I’d tried it all!  I’ve been running, swimming and biking.   I’ve lifted weights, taken part in gymnastics, aerobics, yoga and step classes.  I’ve pumped my body, circuit trained and hiked up and down mountains. I’ve been in leotards,  stripey leg warmers,  and sweat bands,  and I’ve slogged miles on my treadmill,  sweated on my cross trainer and grapevined with the best of them.  Somehow I never got round to trying Pilates.

My fascination with the potential of the human body led to my studying Traditional Five Element Acupuncture for four years at the College of Traditional Acupuncture in Leamington Spa.  After qualifying in 1990, I went into practice as an acupuncturist  until the birth of my two children when I took a career break (break?) in order to give them my full attention.

I went to my first Pilates classes in Coventry in 2010 and was hooked from the start.  I could really feel the benefits of the exercises for myself.  I was aware fairly quickly that my body was beginning to change.  I felt stronger, leaner, more flexible and my posture was really improving.  I left each class feeling relaxed and calm but I knew that I had worked hard. I was so excited about the potential of this method of training that I decided there and then that I wanted to teach Pilates.

I was offered a job in a corporate gym in Coventry where they agreed to train me as a Gym Instructor.  I qualified as a Level II CYQ accredited gym instructor in 2011 and straight away began my training to teach Pilates.  I trained with Pilates Training Solutions in Farnham in Surrey.  They teach a very traditional, clinical method of Pilates and I loved every minute of it.  I gained my CYQ Level III Mat Pilates Diploma in 2012 and have been teaching Pilates classes in Coventry and Solihull ever since.

I add to my qualifications all the time, training at Pilates Training Solutions in Farnham.  I am qualified to teach Pilates for Pregnancy and to teach classes using Pilates Small Equipment such as pilates small balls, bands, foam rollers, weights and rings. I also teach one to one Reformer classes in my little home studio in Balsall Common.

My company, Swan Pilates teaches pilates classes in Coventry and Solihull.  Come along to a class.  We’ll have some fun, work hard and hopefully I’ll pass on my love of Pilates to you.

Pilates Classes in Coventry and Solihull