Pilates Classes in Solihull, Kenilworth and Coventry

Hi, I’m Karen Dobson and I teach small, friendly pilates classes in Solihull, Coventry and Kenilworth

.I am a fully qualified, REPS registered Pilates instructor, holding a CQC Mat Diploma Level 3 and the PTS Certificate in Teaching Studio Equipment.

I’ve always been passionate about health, exercise, nutrition and fitness.  I find the human body and mind absolutely fascinating and have always enjoyed learning as much as I can about human potential.

I went to my first Pilates class in Coventry in 2010 and was hooked from the start.  I could really feel the benefits of the exercises for myself.  I was aware fairly quickly that my body was beginning to change.  I felt stronger, leaner, more flexible and my posture was really improving.  That nagging lower back pain I had endured since having children began to really improve.  I left each class feeling relaxed and calm but I knew that I had worked hard.  My sincere wish is that you will become as enthusiastic as I am about practicing Pilates.

The pilates method offers many benefits for your body, mind and spirit. The exercises are precise in nature whilst also being great fun and very effective. Working at your own pace, your posture will improve and your body will become stronger and more flexible.

Pilates is approved by GP’s, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

The exercises have been modified over time so that they are suitable for beginners as well as those who are working at a higher level. They are suitable for most people, regardless of age or ability.  You will start with the basics, to build your strength. Then progress to an intermediate level and to advanced level if you like!

The classes have a gentle flow throughout.  The exercises are performed with a background of beautiful music on a soft mat on the floor.   You will have full instruction and hands-on correction if you need it.  You should leave feeling refreshed and at peace.

You will be made very welcome in my class because I feel that all of my students are special!


.   Pilates Matwork Diploma at Level 3 (advanced).
.   Pregnancy and post natal Pilates.
.   Large studio equipment such as Reformer, Step barrel,  Wunda chair.
.   Small studio equipment – (Balls, Toning Rings, Therabands, Foam Rollers etc)
.   Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals 
.   CYQ Level II Gym instructor. 

Pilates Classes in Coventry
Friday mornings at Burton Green Village Hall

All classes must be pre-booked as places are limited.  Phone: 07794 439224 or email:karendobbo@btinternet.com

Come along to a class, tone up, improve your posture and have some fun!

Pilates Classes in Coventry and Solihull

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