These classes will provide a beautiful opportunity to tune in to your body and mind. 

* Calming meditation

* Very slow,  gentle stretchy yoga 

* Replenishing and restorative

* Refreshing yoga savasana

As I’ve become older I have really started feeling like I just need to … well… not necessarily to slow down but to calm down a bit.  I’m feeling the need to invest in some time for me, when I can just allow myself to connect to some inner stillness and just be myself.

If you feel this way and would really like some time to reconnect with yourself, to take some time just for you, then this class would be perfect. Allow yourself just to be. Feel into your body in a really gentle, nourishing way. Reconnect. Stretch.

Asanas (poses) will be taken from classic Yoga practice, drawing from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin styles performed in a slow, contemplative manner to enable you to connect with your inner being.  After the class, you should feel calmer, stretched out, toned and a little more at peace.

It doesn’t matter if you have never done Yoga before or have done Yoga for years, there should be something here for you.

Maybe you are looking to balance your usual strong yoga practice with a little more reflection and calm.

Maybe you are looking for an hour away from the madness of every day anxieties, the tendency to overthink, the ‘never having enough time to do it all’ and just need a break.

You may just find that it becomes your oasis of calm in a desert of craziness.  Oh, and its great exercise too!