Payment/T&C’s/Privacy Policy

  • GROUP CLASSES – This exercise programme has been designed for a mixed ability class, to improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. It will contain modifications and progressions of Pilates Matwork Exercises. From time to time, small equipment such as small balls, Pilates rings and bands will be used.
  •  PRIVATE CLASSES  – The programme will be designed uniquely for private clients, based on the information given on the enrolment form with regards to medical conditions, to improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. It will contain modifications and progressions of Pilates Matwork, Reformer and Step Barrel exercises. From time to time, small equipment such as small balls, Pilates rings and bands will be used. 
  • Those who have not practiced Pilates before, or have not practiced for some time, are advised to start slowly, at level one, to build core strength and flexibility before progressing to higher levels.
  • Every precaution will be taken to ensure students’ safety during their participation.
  • All instructions will be clearly relayed to students.  If instructions are not understood, students should always ask for further clarification.
  • Pilates’ exercises involve hands-on correction.
  • My instructor is not medically trained and that these sessions are not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment.
  • If the instructor asks the class to do anything that is likely to exacerbate any medical condition, a student has, he/she  should not participate in those particular exercises. If there are any doubts about the suitability of the exercises, the student will refer back to the GP.
  • Upon experiencing any pain or discomfort at any time either during or after class, the student will contact theGP to seek medical advice.
  • Before commencing any session, if a student’s ability to exercise has changed or if they feel unwell or if they are finding the programme too strenuous, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the instructor.
  • During class, students agree to limit their activity to a level that is comfortable for them, accept the exercise modifications recommended by the instructor and stop all activity immediately if they feel any pain.


  • Is in advance, by the term (minus any holidays – see note below). The number of weeks in a term can vary at the discretion of the instructor, but will be no longer than 8 weeks and will be indicated on the booking form before term commences.
  • Places cannot be secured without receipt of payment and booking form.
  • Places may be forfeit if payment and booking form are not received before the booking deadline.

Refund & Holiday Policy:

  • When  a full term is booked, there is a 2 day allowance for holidays within that term, without charge, providing the dates are written on the booking form at the time of booking.
  • If a student books after the first class in a term, there is a 1 day allowance for  holiday within that term, without charge, providing the date is written on the booking form at the time of booking.
  • Once booked these holiday dates cannot be changed without prior agreement as other students may book these dates to attend in my place.
  • If a student cannot attend a pre-paid class, payment is not refundable for any reason, nor can it be taken out of the payment for any following term. However, students are welcome to attend a different class, within the same week, with prior agreement and if there is a space.


  • If the instructor cannot attend a class for any reason, a fully qualified replacement instructor may attend in her place. No refund will be given for those classes.
  • If a class is cancelled, for reasons beyond the instructor’s control, such as, but not limited to, the unavailability or illness of the instructor, adverse weather conditions or unavailability of the hall, students will either be refunded for that class or be credited for the next term.
  • If a student leaves during a pre-paid term, there is no entitlement to a refund.
  • Participation is voluntary.  Students are under no obligation to continue with the programme should they not wish to and that they can leave at any time.
  • Swan Pilates cannot be held liable for: any noise or interruption caused by other class members, members of the public or outside events; any loss, theft or damage of property, either in the hall or car park or any injury or insult caused by other class members or members of the public whilst in the class or car park.

Privacy Policy.

  • Confidentiality of personal and health information will be strictly upheld and will never be shared with any third party, other than with substitute teachers on a need-to-know basis.
  • Enrolment forms will be securely kept for a number of years to comply with legislation. They will be destroyed after the legal time period.  Hard copies of  booking forms are kept securely for three months and are then destroyed.  No electronic version exists.
  • Upon making an enquiry, email and telephone number are stored on computer and mobile phone for the purposes of legitimate contact.  Details will be deleted should the student decide not to join.
  • Upon joining the class, emails, email addresses, phone numbers and texts are securely stored on computer and mobile phone, until such time as you leave the class. Contact will be for legitimate operational purposes only.